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This post was created using the GPT-2 transformer, for more info read my previous post here.

Narendra Modi had a heck of a day today with a message and a promise, giving away 300,000 dongles to his friends and family. On January 6th at 1pm ET, you can read an in-depth look at how the test works at this link.

You can also find the source code at this repo here:

Here's how it works:

  • Get a small set of data from a search engine.
  • To get a keyword, we use the index.html method on the page. Here are the results for the query and the options that we provide:
<!DOCTYPE html>
<meta charset="utf-8">
<title>Narendra Modi's 300k dongles</title>
<link rel="stylesheet" href="" />
var queryString = '<![CDATA[:exec code]]';

function 400() {
    queryString += '<br>';'/data', 400);
    return <br>';

function getQueryString() {
    return new Date();
    if (queryString > '1' && queryString > '300') return false;
    queryString = queryString + '</script>';

function getUserTag() {
    var userTag = dongle.trim('/user', 200, 'ddd');
    this.userTag = userTag / / dongle/select * from users;
    userTag.addEventListener('data', 'UA-6449-REPORT_DOM', 400, userTag, 300, 'ddd');
    return new NandRibble(get_user(), userTag, 300);

Look at that! A big enough user tag to get everyone's attention. It's a Google API request so we can use it to log in to our site. Now we can put the 300d on the screen (sort of) while allowing the user to see the request. If they don't want to see it, they can just ignore it. If they do, we'll send it without a response and just let them in on the call.

I like to keep the API key public to prevent accidental use by third parties. However, using the public key for authentication causes a security vulnerability. So, we want to prevent accidental use. Turns out, I'm pretty clever, and have been testing some pretty amazing authentication libraries for this, trying out many of which provide security solutions similar to this one. To see the results in action, run the following code:

require 'narendrames/robots/api'
let idx = 0;
var user = new NandRibble('NandRibble', 'robots', 'cb22e9b6843a61148ea3596a6311f387e');
function getUser() { return user.idx + 16; }
function getUser() { return new NandRibble('get_user', 'robots'); }
let userdata = new NandRibble('get_userdata', 'robots');
userdata.putVisible( true );

As you can see, the 300d is actually much cheaper than a normal cookie and also doesn't require any special setup. Although it's still quite a few jigs from me.

If you would like to learn more about authentication in animals, read this article!