Top Ten Fun Things To Do When The Garage Door Opener Is Broken So You Can’t Get Your Car Out, Leaving You Stuck At Home

  1. Play video games: You know how you have over 500 games on Steam, but have only played 20% of them? You should try to play some… wait, what are you doing? Did you just buy the new Fire Emblem? But you still have 400 games to play! I don’t care if you want more waifus! STOP BUYING MORE GAMES! YOU HAVEN’T EVEN FINISHED DEATH STRANDING!
  2. Think about fixing the garage door: You’re not going to do it, but it’s fun to think about.
  3. Cook some food: First open the fridge to see what’s inside… oh it’s just eggs. No worries let’s go to the shops to get… oh right, never mind. I suppose I could have an egg in these trying times.
  4. Play more Fire Emblem to forget about the fact that you’re getting hungry: Bernadetta is my new waifu.
  5. Look through the fridge again to see if food has magically appeared: Nope.
  6. Think about getting Uber Eats: With a $20 delivery? No thanks.
  7. The nearest shop is only a 20 minute walk: Which is 19 minutes too long.
  8. Take a bus: What kind of peasant do you think I am?
  9. Watch JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure until you die of starvation: Narancia is my new waifu.
  10. Make an overly specific top 10 list: I'm So Meta, Even This Acronym.